Monday, 11 December 2017

The Great Santa Paws Preparations...

Hello and festive greetings to all my fur-friends!

Well what a busy time of year it is!

I'm sure, like me, you're all madly indulging in the Christmas spirit:

Catching up with friends 

Not sure if this is a fur-friend or a furry mop....?!

Enjoying festive food

Nothing more festive than eating an antler.. I'm assuming it's reindeer antler!

And of course, practicing the perfect pre-Santa slumber

Hee hee... Santa will never notice I've kept one eye open...

This will be my second Christmas, and although I don't remember much of my first one, I could never forget the amazing gift that Santa left me last year!

Can you believe it?! A giant, edible candy cane!!!

Well ever since mum told me it's nearly Christmas time again, I've naturally been waiting for my giant candy cane to arrive...

But strangely, it hasn't?!

Instead, over the last week, some bizarre looking intruders have been appearing all over my house, invading my happy home!

What the heck are these things?!

These wooden star people don't look very friendly...

And neither do these winged weirdos...
Even more infuriatingly, all these new arrivals, have been placed JUST out of my reach...

I can see it, but I can't reach it...

How am I supposed to get up there and eat - I mean greet - these new arrivals?!

At first I was incensed, and naturally engaged in a full day's sulking.

Sulking... and hugging my teddy... but mainly sulking...

But then Mum told me the intruders are not permanent visitors (thank goodness!), but are actually special decorations that will help us to prepare for Santa's arrival.

Well I'm sorry mum, but I don't think Santa would want to share a space with these freaky, long-haired creatures...

Don't look so smug, I can see you're up to no good...

And what did the pot plant ever do wrong to you?!

Poor guy, I know what it's like to be dressed up in silly outfits...

But aside from the disappointment in my mum's interior decorating...

There were some very welcome arrivals this week -

Christmas Cards from my Blogville friends!!!

Open it, open it, open it!

Can you believe, I've already received TWO Christmas cards from my friends!

Two cards!!!

This one is from Lassie and Benji!

And this was the inside of Abby Lab's card!!

Well naturally they took pride of place in our living room...

These look much better than mum's silly decorations!

And now I'm hoping for many more of my fur-friends' cards to arrive..

So I can use them to cover up all of mum's awful decorations... and make sure Santa Paws isn't afraid to stop by my place again!!

Hurry up Santa!! I'm waiting...

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Birthday Boy!!

Hello my festive friends!

Well you won't believe it, but since we last spoke I'm a year older... and, as you can tell from my photo below, definitely a year wiser.

Two years old and so wise
The auspicious day started as it should -

with me sleeping in.
These old bones don't move like they used to...
Mum and dad then surprised me with presents...

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!
And guess how many I got?!


It was very exciting and difficult to know which one to start with...

so I chose the most mysterious one -

the round, ball-shaped gift.

What on earth could this be?!
I'm quite a pro at unwrapping gifts (and wrapping paper is one of my FAVOURITE things to shred),

so it didn't take me long to demolish - err...I mean unwrap - my present.

What on earth could this ball-shaped present be?!

Anyway, you won't believe what was so cleverly concealed in the wrapping paper...

It was a ball!!

Who would have guessed?!
I was so delighted with my new soft ball that I bit my fangs into it as hard as I could, and managed to burst it within seconds - what a great trick!

Mum seemed less impressed, but I was thrilled... I love balls almost as much as I love destroying things - what a great start to the day!

Next up, was the long skinny present - 

This looks promising...

It was a bubble blower!!!

This was a great surprise, and I impressed mum and dad with my hunting abilities - 

chasing down those bubbles and popping them before they could hit the ground.

No bubble will escape my wrath...
After so much excitement, you'd think a big two-year-old would be ready for a rest, wouldn't you?

Not me!

Partying in the park!
I dragged mum and dad to the park for a birthday play - 

And it was the best! 

We played with my non-destructible Kong ball (well, they call it non-destructible.. we will see about that...), 

until I was too tired to run anymore.

Racing into the new birthday year...
And when we returned home, I was greeted by a special delivery!

Hmph... is this it?! I was hoping it would be edible...
The postman had delivered a birthday card for me!

A little bent.. I blame the postie...
Mum told me this was from my "breeders" - 

a lovely couple who looked after me when I was very small.

Apparently they liked me so much they put me on the ironing board...?!
Well I was keen to show my appreciation for the birthday card...

I'll take this from here, thanks very much...

And like all of my favourite items...

I gave it my signature chew of love.

I stand corrected... this is edible...

What a wonderful day! 

And now that I'm two, I can't wait to see what the next year brings...

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Marathon Man

Hello there my fur-pals!

Well as you've no doubt noticed I've been a little slack with my blogging recently...

But I can assure you I have had good reason.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, there was quite an unusual event in my household, which turned my little world upside down.

My world upside down... pretty cool actually...

It all started when my papa wheeled out this suspicious looking object..

What the heck is that?!

I didn't know exactly what it was, but I knew something was up when my papa started putting all his favourite clothes in there - even the jumper I like to snuggle with sometimes! *gasp*

Hmm, I don't like the look of this - think I might start unpacking...

Mum started acting all funny too, hovering around my papa and giving him lots of hugs.

Then a strange looking yellow car pulled into the driveway...

Nothing good comes in yellow....

And you won't believe what happened next.... my papa left!!

I was in total shock. Where would he be going without mum and me?

It was a very confusing moment, and I stayed staring through the door for quite a while, certain that there had been some mistake, and that my papa would be back any moment.

That's it mum, keep staring.. it usually works...

But he wasn't.

When I questioned mum, she told me papa had gone to some strange place called New York, because he wanted to do a really long run, called a "marathon".

Well I didn't know exactly where New York was, but I certainly do know the best places to run, (I'm quite the athlete remember), and I was desperate to find my papa and bring him home.

So naturally, I headed to the most logical place for a run - the park.

Hurry up mum! New York awaits!

Well I ran and I ran...

Quick, quick, quick!

But I'm ashamed to admit I couldn't find him.

Okay yes, I may have made the odd pit-stop for a quick play with a mate here or there too...

Tell me what you've done with my papa, and noone gets hurt...

But no matter where I looked, I couldn't find this special place called New York.

The next day, mum told me that New York wasn't somewhere I could walk to (gee thanks mum, you might have told me that a bit sooner),

And that it was so far away, that papa had to get into a funny silver tube and fly through the air!!

Hopefully my papa's pilot is as switched on as this guy!

Well this was quite a shock for me, and while I didn't like the thought of my papa flying through the air like one of those tasty looking pigeons I've been watching... (yum, pigeon *licks lips*)

I decided to be the most supportive mate I could be.

I started by making him a cheer card:

Well if that doesn't inspire him, nothing will

Then I woke mum up at 2am on the day he was running, so we could follow him as he ran along the course.
Come on papa, move faster. That doesn't look very far to me!

And then, to really show my support, I even did my best imitation of how he looked after he crossed the finish line...

Mockery - the highest form of flattery

Anyway, after being the most supportive guy in the world,

I'd resigned myself to the fact that it was just me and mum from now on.

Just the two of us...


You won't believe what happened this morning!

I was woken by a strange noise at the gate -

Who dares to disturb my sleep?
And then the funny sound of that wheelie object being dragged along the ground.


Is that really you?! I don't believe it!!
Yes, that's right.

He must have got back into that funny silver tube and flown home to us!

I was so excited I didn't let him out of my sight for the whole day.

Yep. You're staying put.
Even when he needed to rest...

I refused to leave his side:

Okay, if you insist we sleep then I'll oblige...

And of course from now on, I'll be making sure that the only runs he goes on are close to home,

And more importantly, are with his best mate.

This lead ought to keep my papa secure...

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."